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    Um... so it's no wonder that at that time, many SR level teachers came to him, probably because of this incident, and moreover, these teachers must have discovered the unusual situation behind this incident. That's why I wanted to come here. here Ask him, but because he strictly forbids others in any form to disturb him during the cultivation process, unless the world is destroyed, otherwise during the cultivation process he will never want to be with his grandmother. Gender has any relationship. That's right." Lanning Xiaoxi's eating face gradually became normal and happy, "I don't need to worry about his behavior, after all, more than a month ago his calculation ability was already about 100 points, now As the month passes, there will probably be 200 computational ability points! So with such a terrifying existence, what do I need to worry about? I have enough to eat and drink, I don't need to worry about him, trust me!"

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    Vuong Han's target was first the guards. He also did not understand why the monster started having guards. Here, an arrow killed the guard. After the arrow pierced its head, it was blinded. led by Vuong Han. controlled by his breath to kill indiscriminately in this space with a radius of dozens of kilometers... So the hunting time did not last too long, but in just three minutes, the process of scavenging the corpses was complete. to, "Today is another normal day, let's speed up."

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    Returning to the main topic, we have never seen the origin of the soul, but at that time it was formed in the Void Sea. At this moment, Vuong Han thought of Lanning Xiaoxi's father, and couldn't help but think. , "This man is really amazing, he can directly calculate the weaving method of the source quality when the computing power is only 280 points, it is like a super difficult problem to calculate directly with a table character, he is still a strong character. At that time, I saw the original soul in the illusory sea, the virtual sea itself was pitch black, at that time I did not pay attention to the shape of the original spirit. soul, after leaving the void sea, I once again condensed soul essence, this is how you can see some forms of soul essence.”

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    In that case, the little duck could no longer hide. As a thug, he had his own weapon at the bottom of the box. At this time, Vuong Han had begun to resist, so he wanted the man in front of him to do something. Supernatural physical strength! Seeing him take back the flying knife in his hand, Vuong Han's face smiled, he just gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, then saw a dark cloud appear above his head, right above the arena, the area. It's not very big, only a few square meters, but if people raise their heads to look at the lightning and thunder in the dark clouds, they can clearly feel the destruction hidden in the dark clouds.

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    OH. Vuong Han nodded, a lot of relief flashed in his eyes. When he said that, he understood. Before, he had some doubts about Tu Hai. Now he can explain. It turned out that Tu Hai really was. created by Lanning Xiaoxi's father, so Lanning Xiaoxi's father is still an ordinary person. Otherwise, if such a person with 280 computing power can directly take Tu Hai out, then this person is definitely better than him. dog, "So he built a hut to raise virtual beasts, taking advantage of some of the characteristics of the virtual sea to create that kind of virtual beast?"

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    "Troubleshooting, without being so handsome, what can someone with good character say... Troubleshooting, it's so troublesome!"

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    Lan Ning Xiaoxi snapped her fingers, "I need to create a virtual sea, I need to create a breath, I need to create a soul, I need to create a life stone, I need to create a projection field, I need to create create many different sources of authenticity, and I need to reflect a lot on the ecosystem... ...This is simply recreating a world, even if it's a small world, but this already a very powerful thing! And this project doesn't seem to have started that long ago... and it's still in the internal testing phase, It's not yet open to the entire state-district alliance, that is, if one day this project can be done well, perhaps what can actually be done will be much higher than it is now."

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    ... Several SR-level existences in the room looked at each other in dismay as they thought that Wang Han would only be able to meet Wang Han after a month. What do they all look like? Standard SR -normal level character As long as you open your mouth casually, countless students will rush to become your disciples, and in this case, they can all maintain that superior attitude inside ! But now? Now I want to talk to a student, but I have to wait a month! Only meet once a month! What does it mean? ! It's almost like the principal of Zhanzheng University! And he's just a student, which isn't bad!

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    Huh. . . Are you still very reluctant? Otherwise, just pretend you didn't see it, I'll kill this Vuong Han directly, so you can stay here. It was very difficult for him to get out of that nonsense virtual sea, is this the final result? What if I'm with a bratty little girl? The key is to go with him, not to have never been with him, the key is that this dog will immediately commit suicide, what does this mean? Lao Tzu finally went through countless hardships, and yet he came here and was directly destroyed by you? Furthermore, he didn't feel like he owed anything to these people...

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    “Fortunately, do you still want to be cut?” Vuong Han's smile was full of understanding.

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    "There are many questions like this. These are all things I need to consider, but mere thinking is useless. It will take some time to examine."

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    Vuong Han nodded thoughtfully, bowing his head in front of a tree outside the window that looked like Armstrong's super spiral launch tube.

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    After he finished speaking, he saw Vuong Han disappear into the crowd, in a trance, like evaporation of space.

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    Ha ha, I'm sometimes in the yard, but just now I was planning to leave the yard and go out to practice. Vuong Han smiled and said, he was also a little surprised, how many years have you not seen Thien Thien? The most recent impression is that Nuo Qianjin and others said that Qianqian left the human city alone and went to the area where Wangu Lake was alone. This worried Wang Han for a long time, but considering that Li Shizong said that Qianqian's life would not be in danger for the time being, her life would at least not be a problem for a thousand years, After thinking about this, he already has No need to worry, at most he can endure a little suffering and help a few martial artists improve their realm, there won't be any big problems! But when he actually saw Qianqian, the feeling of melting ice still warmed Vuong Han's heart. From this point on, Vuong Han was no longer a person in Skyline, and Qianqian was still there!

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    "As for why this type of thing has not been completely eliminated? The reason is that it cannot be eliminated."

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    Some people kept complaining about Butuo. They looked at Butuo at this moment as if they were seeing an enemy, and were very unhappy.

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    Vuong Han answered very simply: "It just happened to fall from the sky, so they came in like that. They didn't seem to pay attention to my whereabouts. As for the monsters outside, I let Manh Manh has dealt with them, these things are out of the question." by her. What, maybe in ten or twenty minutes, all this external stuff will disappear."

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    Second, for my current needles, I can only control the needles out of my hand. This is still a relatively rudimentary method. This method if I control the needles, I will not Any other thoughts? can control other source quality, so my overall fighting spirit will be greatly affected, like Li Luyuan, he can only condense one type of source quality result at a time, one when he started the battle, he chose the wrong source of quality results, that is, he went on defense, later it was even more difficult for him to continue attacking me, and because he himself did not understand knew very well about this shield, so he could only be the stubborn control of an existence that seemed to have high defense but was actually inflexible at all, under my indiscriminate onslaught, There is a limit to what he can do.”

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    However, Ly Lo Nguyen's attack was obviously unachievable. Just when he was about to give up defense and turn to attack, the originally broken steel needle cracked again! From the basic two steel needles to now suddenly having four steel needles, the steel needles have become thinner and sharper! The situation on the scene was changing rapidly, but Bu Tuo and others did not realize that the number of steel needles on Wang Han's side had become four, they were still worried that Wang Han's side would soon lose this battle, but suddenly Li Luyuan The shield around him also doubled! Hearing the sound of four metals colliding again, four clusters of fire appeared in the space around Li Luyuan from thin air!

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    moment later, Lanning Xiaoxi led Wang Han to the last room through a long and narrow corridor. In this room, Wang Han could see a pitch-black wall, the remaining three walls were metal. hehe, Vuong Han did not dare to ask, because this man had already walked in front of him, and this man was the boss Lanning Xiaoxi that Vuong Han knew before.

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    The monsters won't just sit around waiting to die. They are trying to break the shackles of the heavenly seal and go to the world where your Wanguchi and Penglai are. As long as they come to this world, they can use people from this world to threaten the king. Han, this is a good strategy. If they succeed, Wang Han can choose to judge on the spot. What's more, they've started summoning really scary things, those giant skeletons in the deep sea, which are starting to return to the fabric in these bones. They are monsters transformed from fingernails, and they condense into fingernails. When fangs become, they turn into fangs again. They are constantly repairing the original giant monsters. And as long as they succeed, then when the number of monsters plummets, monsters with destructive power will reappear in this world, and it is because of these monsters that our world will be destroyed.

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    At this time, I saw a spaceship passing quickly in the sky. The entire size of the spaceship was quite powerful. Even though it was ten thousand meters above the ground at this time, the overall shape was still quite clear. , judging from this point, the entire spacecraft Should countries and districts use this same spacecraft to communicate with each other?